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Explore the unique offerings that make Mohave a hub of academic excellence, cultural diversity, and student engagement.

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Episode 13 Spotlight Podcast Thumbnail

In this inspiring episode of the "SUSD Spotlight" podcast, we dive into the extraordinary life of SUSD parent, Minda Dentler, a powerhouse of determination and inspiration. Minda, the first female wheelchair athlete to complete the Ironman World Championship, shares her incredible journey from an orphanage in India to the global stages of advocacy and athletics. SUSD is proud to have her as a parent and a role model within the community. Tune in to hear Minda discuss her trailblazing path, the impact of her children's book "The Girl Who Figured It Out," and her powerful message of perseverance that challenges us all to redefine identity beyond disability. Join hosts Dr. Menzel and Kristine Harrington for an unforgettable conversation with a woman who lives by example, showing what it means to overcome adversity and achieve the unimaginable.

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Episode 5 Thumbnail - Spotlight Podcast

Across the nation, National Board reviews the practice of accomplished teachers to evaluate whether they represent the values and standards of excellence in education. In SUSD, we have nearly 70 National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) across our 29 schools. On this episode of Spotlight, we sit down with NBCT Susan Leonard, an Ingleside Middle School educator and SUSD’S lead trainer for NBCT candidates. We dive into a fun conversation about education excellence and how teachers in 2024 can feel appreciated and recognized for their achievements. 

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Mohave Middle School is located in the heart of the Saguaro community.  Mohave is next door to the Mohave District Annex (MDA) that houses the SUSD district office.   Thy physical site is composed of five major buildings with one two story building that houses the majority of our academic classrooms. Students can enjoy eating outside during the year with our shade structures, but they also have access to multiple facilities: gym, library, and outdoor facilities while on campus.  


Mr. Ferrero is a Phoenix native and an SUSD alumni where I attended Tavan, Ingleside, and graduated from Arcadia High School.  I am a proud recipient of the Scottsdale Charros Future Teacher Scholarship where I went to Arizona State University...

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